5 Tips to Maximise your Storage Unit Space

Follow these 5 tips to organise your storage unit.

Follow these 5 tips to organise your storage unit.

  1. Sort first
    It’s 100% worth taking time to sort through what you’re storing so you’re not paying to store things you don’t really want, use or need. Selling things you no longer need is easy on Facebook marketplace or donate items to your local Salvos.

  2. Use boxes
    It might seem obvious … but as much as possible try not to store loose items. Use cardboard boxes or plastic tubs to store items. This allows you to fully maximise the space and don’t forget to label!

  3. Stack from the back
    Load the back of the unit first, placing heavier items on the bottom, and stack upward toward the ceiling. If there is space also create a U-Shape with a walkway in the middle so you can get access to your stuff.
  4. Group sizes together
    Then it’s time for a game of TETRIS! Group similar-sized boxes and items together.

  5. Don’t overfill
    Pack your boxes so they’re full, but not too heavy for one person to carry.