Storage, But Not As You Know It

  • Easy sign-up process:
    • Choose a Swift location that suits you
    • Select your preferred unit size
    • Pick your move-in day (can be the same day or a future date)
  • Unit size options:
    • Typically offer 5 to 8 sizing options
    • Unsure about the size you need? Use our handy calculator here to determine the right fit for your belongings.
  • Provide contact details:
    • Basic contact information¬†
    • ID information and alternative contact details
  • Review and e-sign storage agreement:
    • Read through the storage agreement
    • If satisfied with the terms, electronically sign the agreement
  • Enter card details:
    • Use a credit or debit card for payment
    • To reserve unit, pay first month in advance
    • Payment anniversary will be set as your move-in day for the duration of your stay with Swift Storage
The Swift Storage app on an iPhone.
  • Sign-up confirmation:
    • Once signed up, expect an email and text message at midnight on your selected move-in day.
    • The text message will contain a download link for the smart access app and a six-digit code.
  • Accessing the app:
    • Follow the instructions in the text message to sign up for the app.
    • The app provides access to your storage unit and other facility features like gates, trolley room, and bathroom.
    • In case you don’t receive a text, refer to the instructions in the email that will direct you to the app store.
  • Move-in process:
    • Visit the facility with your smartphone (ensure the app is installed first).
    • When in Bluetooth range of the entry gate, it will transition from greyed out to a dark activated colour.
    • Press the “Entry Gate” option in the app to open the gate.
    • The gate will remain open for you to pass through and will close automatically.
  • Locating your unit on the large map:
    • When near your unit, use the app to open it in the same way as the gate.
    • The red light next to the door will change to green.
    • Lift the roller door up to access your unit.
  • Loading and locking your unit:
    • Load your belongings into the unit.
    • To lock the unit, firmly close the door, slide the latch back.

Need a Hand?

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