Storage, But Not As You Know It

You need storage for your stuff. You find a Swift location that suits you. Now it’s time to get signed up. Select your location, then your unit size and finally pick your move in day. It could be the same day or a day in the future. At Swift Storage we are all about keeping it simple. We tend to have between 5 and 8 options for sizing. Check out our handy calculator here if you aren’t sure what size your stuff will fit into.

Now we need some details from you. This includes: basic contact information (make sure you add the area code to your mobile number), your ID info and alternative contact details. Next read through our storage agreement and if you’re happy with the terms you can e-sign your storage agreement. Finally enter your card details. This could be a credit or debit card. We charge one month minimum and then your move in day becomes your payment anniversary for as long as you stay with Swift Storage. After this process you will receive a confirmation email which contains extra information. Read all the information carefully and don’t delay in reaching out if you need any clarification. 

The Swift Storage app on an iPhone.

Now you’re all signed up! At midnight on the day of your selected move in day you will get an email and a text message to your mobile. In the text message there will be a link to download the smart access app and a six digit code. Follow the instructions in the message to get signed up to the app. This is how you access your unit and also other features of the facility such as gates, trolley room and bathroom. If you don’t get a text, follow the instructions in the email linking you to the app store. If you need any help at any stage don’t hesitate in reaching out. Once you are in the app you will be able to see your unit number plus the gates as items to open.

Ready to move in? Head over to the facility with your smartphone (app installed). When you are in bluetooth range of the entry gate it will turn from greyed out to a dark activated colour. Press on the Entry Gate option to open the gate. The gate will stay open for you to pass through and close automatically. Now locate your unit. There are plenty of maps available in the facility. Then when you are near your unit you will also be able to open it in the same way as the gate. The red light next to the door will change to green. You can then lift the roller door up. Load in your stuff and to lock the unit all you need to do is firmly close the door. Make sure the light changes back to red. Now it is locked. Head back out of the facility through the exit gates, opening the gate in the same way as before. Thanks for storing with Swift!

Need a Hand?

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