The following Contractor Health & Safety Policy applies to all contractors engaged by Swift Storage, including their staff, sub-contractors or representatives engaged to provide works, goods or services to Swift Storage.

At Swift Storage, we understand that ensuring a safe work environment is a collective effort. We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and visitors on our Swift Storage sites. As part of this, Swift Storage wish to communicate the following Health & Safety Policy for contractors that it works with. The purpose of the Contractor Health & Safety Policy is to ensure all work undertaken by contractors working on Swift Storage sites complies with health and safety expectations and legislative obligations.

As part of entering a Swift Storage site, you acknowledge these responsibilities confirming your understanding and agreement to adhere to them.

Swift Storage requires all contractors (or your employees, sub contractors or any party engaged by you to perform work for Swift Storage) to agree to and abide by the following:

  1. All Contractors must sign in upon entering a Swift Storage site and acknowledge they have read and agree to comply with the Contractor Health & Safety Policy on each visit.
  2. Smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted anywhere on Swift Storage sites.
  3. Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where required, for example hard hats, high-vis, safety glasses, gloves, and steel-toed boots.
  4. Immediately contact Swift Storage to report any accident/incident or to advise of any health and safety hazards (including unsafe work situations) that are observed when at its workplace.
  5. All works must be performed in accordance with all relevant legislation and standards and in line with any agreed scope. If the agreed scope changes this is to be discussed with the relevant Swift Storage contact.
  6. Contractor work areas must be kept neat and orderly and all passageways and exits, firefighting equipment and electrical distribution boards kept clear and free from obstruction.
  7. Approval must be obtained from Swift Storage prior to the temporary obstruction of passageways, roadways, which could impede the movements of emergency equipment or vehicles.
  8. All contractor equipment must be maintained to an appropriate standard.
  9. Use of Ladders – Contractors must use their own ladder (fit for purpose and industrially rated) when working at heights and safe practices must be implemented prior to commencing work. Compliant and certified equipment must be used when working at heights (e.g., Ladder, harness, temporary fall arrest equipment etc.). Applicable permits (e.g. working at heights), SWMS and rescue plans (if applicable) must be provided prior to work commencing.
  10. Contractors must provide valid licenses, certificates, memberships, permits, public liability certificate and safe work method statements if requested prior to carrying out work onsite.
  11. Contractors must follow all reasonable instructions that are given by Swift Storage staff when undertaking work on its behalf.
  12. Contractors must follow the instructions provided should a site evacuation be required.
  13. Contractors must comply with any legislated high risk work responsibility associated with the work they are undertaking (including hazardous high risk work, hazardous materials and substances, industry Hot Work procedures etc). Swift Storage may request contractors supply evidence of this occurring which must be provided before work commences.

Where a breach of health and safety is identified, a Swift Storage staff member will notify the contractor. Where an issue is considered to be significant in terms of serious injury or loss of life, the Swift Storage staff member may suspend the work until the issue is adequately resolved.


In addition, as the Primary Contact, you must ensure that:

  • Valid Public Liability Insurance (minimum cover from $10,000,000) is maintained.
  • Valid Public Liability insurances remains current and must be provided to Swift Storage on renewal each year or at any other time as requested by Swift Storage.

Thank you for agreeing to work with Swift Storage. On the contractor sign in form, please tick that you have read this Contractor Health & Safety Policy and acknowledge that you “Understand and agree to” the policy. Should you wish to decline these responsibilities, please contact one of the Swift Storage team to discuss.

We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a safe work environment for all parties involved.